Top 10 Most Asked Welding Questions

Most of our clients have a lot of questions about the welding industry. In order to serve you with professionalism and integrity, we have gathered together the top 10 most asked questions.

  1. Are you certified?

    William Romero Jr, as both owner & lead welder is AWS I and AWS II certified.

  2. Do you provide free estimates?


  3. What kind of work do you do?

    We specialize in a wide-range of projects that range from small residential jobs to larger industrial projects.  For more details, check out our Services page.

  4. If my project requires contractors within other industries, do I need to find them myself?

    While you are responsible for choosing the contractors you wish to work with, we have developed a tribe of trusted contractors in a variety of industries.  We may consult them on some projects and are more than happy to provide you their contact info to help with your project needs.

  5. What about zoning and permits?

    You are required to acquire all necessary permits to complete the project.  If we are required to obtain temporary certifications for your job, the cost will be built into your invoice total.

  6. Do you provide a warranty on your work?

    We do provide a warranty on any work that we perform.

  7. Do you offer mobile welding?


  8. Do you offer weekend hours?

    By appointment only

  9. Do you specialize in a particular type of craft?

    The short answer is, “no.”  We do not like to limit ourselves and what we can do for our customers by specializing in just one or two crafts.  We prefer to keep variety in our skills and abilities, providing our customers with great flexibility in what we offer.

  10. Do you have a service charge?

    If you are located within Montrose, we do not have a service charge if we must travel to you.  However, if you live outside of Montrose, a service charge will be added to your invoice based on mileage.